AFL Focis Flex Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System





• 1-button to auto-focus, center, capture, analyze, and save
• IEC, IPC, and user-defined pass/fail analysis
• Untethered, compact, hand-held inspection
• Use independently or pair with OTDR
• Save 10K results internally or share via WiFi or USB




• Inspect connectors on patch cords or in bulkhead adapters
• Optical network installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance
• Inspect MPO/MTP multi-fiber connectors
• Assure critical fiber infrastructure performs properly
• Keep fiber connections working at optimal performance levels
• Verify proper connector cleaning practices are being used



Field of View (viewed on FOCIS Flex) Live: 710 x 860 µm;
Captured, Zoomed Out: 560 x 600 µm;
Captured, Partially Zoomed In: 360 x 390 µm;
Captured, Fully Zoomed In: 180 x 195 µm
Field of View (Viewed on a PC) Stored, Zoomed Out: 700 x 525 µm;
Stored, Fully Zoomed In: 240 x 180 µm
Manual Detection Capability (minimum) 0.25 µm
Auto Analysis Resolution <1.0 µm
Captured Image Size (Pixels) 648 x 480 VGA; Images stored internally in three .JPG files, one at each FOV
Focus Auto-focus and manual focus
Centering Auto-centering after capture
Pass/Fail Analysis IEC 61300-3-35 (2015), IPC and user-defined criteria
Image Capture and File Storage Capacity 10,000 files
File Format (Image and Pass/Fail Results) jpg, gif
Bluetooth Characteristics SPP to FlexScan and FlexTester OTDRs; IAP to iOS devices
USB Characteristics USB 1.1 mass storage device
Supported Languages English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian,
Spanish, Turkish
Display size, type, resolution 2.4″, TFT, 240 x 320 with brightness control
Battery Type NiMH, user replaceable
Battery Operating Time (typical) 8 hours (60 tests in 20 minutes each hour; auto-off enabled)
Recharge Time <4.5 hours
Power Save Features Auto-off (disabled, 2, 5, 10 minutes)
AC Charger voltage, frequency, current 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 5VDC, 2A
Size 47 x 37 x 183 mm (1.8 x 1.5 x 7.2 in)
Weight 240 g (0.5 lb)
Operating Temperature 0 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -40 to +70 °C
Relative Humidity 95%, non-condensing
Transit and shock 2G vibration, 30G shock


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