Anotest Ymp30 S




The quality of the densification of anodic oxide coatings on aluminum (anodized aluminum) is a decisive factor for their weather resistance. The ANOTEST YMP30-S from Fischer measures the admittance Y, thus enabling a reliable quality statement regarding the degree of densification in anodized aluminum. Its compact construction makes this robust handheld device the ideal instrument for use onsite.


  • Mobile handheld device with cable probe, ideal for hard-to-reach measuring spots
  • Standards-compliant measurement according to DIN  EN : ISO12373-5 and ASTM B 457-67
  • Measurement process starts automatically
  • Efficient and structured measuring; enough memory for several thousand applications as well as many evaluation functions


  • Quality testing of slats and other anodized building components
  • Simple, reliable onsite measurement, for example during facility cleaning


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