BR 20 G





This device has the ability to detect gold and determine its gold positions from a distance of up to 500 meters and depths up to 5 meters below the earth’s surface, and this device is lightweight and easy to use.

characteristics and components of the machine:
The main unit, which includes:

1. High-performance color display that shows all the data for setting and controlling the device

2. The device is made of materials and, in particular, plastic, resistant to breakage and impact, which does not affect the operation of the machine.

3. Keys for checking the sensitivity and selecting the distance call

4. search and decoy radars

5. A rechargeable battery that works for ten hours continuously with a home charger and a car charger

6. October case of breakage or damage, the additional Antenna

7. the bag is made of reinforced plastic and is waterproof, and shock and breakage

two year warranty

Made in USA

Gold detection method:
First, we turn on the (radars) on the machine. after decoupling the device and selecting the search program, we go to the target area and start searching left to right or right to left with the main condition, focus on the search to detect the presence of a potential target and the device will check it. place it in a balanced and automatic way. If the machine finds a golden target, it goes directly to it and is determined in four directions in a small place with a size of 1 square meter.


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