BR 500 Gw





Now with confidence we advertise for the sophisticated product “BR500GW” for the underground water detector  wells Which includes all Systems Research Group in a compact device that is easy to use and is able to detect underground water to a depth of up to 500 meters below the earth’s surface , a running measure soil resistance system and remote sensing in that one Where this device can discover the large water pools only with the possibility of determining the depth of the water and we have used the system, which is a traditional Old remote sensing and a modern system to measure soil resistance device and the ability to detect underground water , whether from mineral water or fresh water or salt water below the surface of the Earth up to 1000 meters in a circular motion and depth of up to 500 meters below the surface of the earth


Country of Origin:USA
Maximum depth:500 m
Long distance:1000 m
Targets:Mineral water – fresh water – salt water
Languages:English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Persian and Arabic
Device systems:
Long range locator

device accessories

 The main unit contains switches and adjust and calibrate the device
 Display the color LCD to view the results and set the device
 U.S. processors
 Touch screen
 Identify and measure the depth of the target
 Frequency Detector molecular vibration of 460 MHz , which allows you to get very accurate results
 Measure the depth of goals gives additional major advantage of this device compared with other systems can also be within a very short time survey a large area of land and make sure there is water or not
 Control Panel screen convenient and practical
 Rechargeable battery with a battery of basic
 If the completion of the first battery charged battery can be inserted to continue the work
 Battery type :AA 5-volt alkaline
 Rechargeable Battery 9.6 Volt strongly
 Charger index provider for charging
 Rods and sensors to track the signal
 Send a sensor signal



Operates two systems First system : a system of remote sensing ( energy electrostatic – static electricity ) where send waves of electrical static to depths of up to 500 meters with the possibility of determining the required depth disclosed where we have several options : 100 meters – 200 meters – 300 meters – 400 meters – 500 meters.

In addition to the possibility of choosing a distance Find the front where we can choose the 200 meters – 400 meters – 600 meters – 800 meters – the 1,000 meters The second system : a system to measure resistance and poor soil and be planted in the ground probe and send a signal to measure soil resistance Program to determine the type of water required disclosure and we have several options where we can choose Mineral water – fresh water – salt water The device runs on a rechargeable battery lasts for 10 hours continuously attached as an additional battery to replace it when needed with a car charger.



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