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Designed for the Analysis of Bulk Materials and Coatings
This small-spot X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer is specifically designed for the nondestructive analysis of printed circuit boards (PCB) in accordance with ASTM B568 and DIN/ISO 3497 standards. The slotted sample chamber and the large tray support fast and exact positioning of all types of PCBs from small to oversized that extend the sample chamber. Its rugged construction allows the M2 BLIZZARD to be used on the shop floor.

The M2 BLIZZARD is equipped with a high-performance silicon drift detector which is suitable for the analysis of thinner layers and unknowns as well as for routine analysis. The powerful video microscope system provides an auto focus function. Ease-of-use is further enhanced by software support of an optional industrial-strength foot switch and touchscreen operation.

Equipped with the latest version of Bruker?s XSpect Pro and XData software packages, the M2 BLIZZARD is particularly attractive for the analysis of metal multilayers that are common to PCBs. Layer systems consisting of up to 12 layers with up to 25 elements each can be characterized with regard to composition and thickness.

Experienced supervisors can use the configurability of the software to define measurement methods fine-tuned to the samples to be analyzed. These methods can then be routinely used by staff at the production site to perform the actual analyses for quality control. Setting up and performing these analyses is intuitive so that introductory training of staff is sufficient. The PASS/FAIL determination of the software or trend line display with upper and lower control limits lets the operator see immediately whether a sample is of acceptable quality or not. Reporting and data archiving functions are included as well and data can be exported to Excel?.

Bruker?s M2 BLIZZARD is a small spot X-ray fluorescence spectrometer with the main purpose of nondestructive analysis of printed circuit boards. The slotted instrument permits safe investigation of large and small samples. The powerful
XSpect Pro software supports the compositional analysis of bulk and layer samples and the accurate determination of multilayer thickness in compliance with the ASTM B568 and DIN/ISO 3497 standards.

The M2 BLIZZARD features
??Cost efficient operation
Robustness and freedom of maintenance
??Ease of use
?Advanced user safety
Analytical flexibility
??Fast and accurate analysis
?A powerful software package


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