M4 TORNADO is the tool of choice for sample characterization using small-spot Micro X-ray Fluorescence (Micro-XRF) for information on composition and element distribution. Optimized for analysis speed and without compromising accuracy it measures a wide range of samples. Whether small or large, even or irregularly shaped — equipped with a large high-speed stage it supports 2D analysis of virtually any kind of inorganic, organic ,and even of liquid sample. Its large vacuum chamber enables light element detection.
M4 TORNADO now features an optional 60 mm2 XFlash® SD detector for ultra high-speed spectra acquisition with up to 50 percent higher element sensitivity, compared to the standard 30 mm² active detector area, and significantly improves the measurement efficiency when using primary filters or analyzing light element samples.  This new option is ideally suited for geology and other low yield applications, the analysis of thin samples, and low kV or tube current conditions. The 60 mm² XFlash® SDD is also available as a dual detector system which doubles sensitivity and throughput.
M4 TORNADO provides excellent spatial resolution with spot sizes down to 25 µm for Mo Ka radiation. The new FlexiSpot feature allows to optionally chose a larger spot size of up to 200 µm for improved reproducible quantification of irregularly shaped samples, such as powders, soils or granular raw materials.The M4 TORNADO analysis software 1.3 provides a flexible measurement setup and a variety of evaluation and processing tools. The new XMethod module makes it easy to manage calibrations and standards and enables the user to develop and optimize analytical methods for complex applications, such as quantitative analysis of metallic multilayer stacks for composition and coating thickness.

The M4 TORNADO can be customized to provide extended measurement ranges or even higher analysis speed: flexibility can be enhanced through installation of a second tube with a different target and a collimator. An optional second SD detector increases speed even further.


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