CST/Berger 19-555 MT101 Magna-Trak Locator with Soft Case


CST/Berger 19-555 MT101 Magna-Trak Locator with Soft Case

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CST/berger Magna-Trak 101 Magnetic Locator with Soft Case?Model Number: 19-555?Features:Improved water resistance and mechanical life are provided by our new direct contact switching with the PC board.Locate ferrous objects under ground, under snow, or in waterIncludes multiple convenient features like a lightweight, easy-grip design, and water resistant cases.Magna-Trak locators also feature easy battery access and outstanding battery life.Patented electronic balancing procedure allows balancing to be done quickly and efficientlyAll manufacturing is done at CST to ensure quality controlThe Magna-Trak 101 magnetic locator features quick-action, control knob operation to adjust sensitivity and volumeThe Magna-Trak 101 magnetic locator is a streamlined version of the Magna-Trak 100. The Magna-Trak 101 features all the same components as the 100, minus the LCD meter display and membrane switch. The operation of this locator is dependent upon only two rotary control knobs: sensitivity and volumeSpecifications:Length: 42-3/4″; Weight: 3 lbs./1.3kgWaterproof up to housing; water-resistant housingEasy access battery compartmentOn/Off, Volume, and Sensitivity ControlsStrong, lightweight aluminum tube”High-Tec” magnetic toroidal sensors and patented electronic balancing circuitryDurable hard rubber tipBattery life ?100 hoursSoft carrying case


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