CST/Berger ALHVG Rotation Lasers


CST/Berger ALHVG Rotation Lasers

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The CST/berger ALHVG is a highly visible green beam rotating laser with remote control capability.
The green beam of the ALHVG is approximately 4x more visible than a standard red beam laser!
Featuring automatic horizontal AND vertical self leveling, its primary use is for indoor commerical ceiling applications, where the bright green beam of the ALHVG can

be easily seen.
Use the laser in horizontal or vertical mode with the remote control, to do suspended rondo ceilings, raked and compound ceilings, partitioning, squaring, interior

fitout etc.
The scanning function intensifies the beam as it scans back and forth within a pre-defined area, creating the appearance of a line. Select scanning line widths of 10?,

45?, 90? and 180?.
The manual slope matching feature of the ALHVG allows the operator to align the laser for single or compound raked ceilings.
If the laser is bumped or knocked during use, the Anti-Drift height alert system automatically turns off the laser and warns the operator.
For general outdoor construction leveling, the ALHVG can be used with the optional LD440G special green beam laser receiver, which provides a working range of up to

360 metres.
With a high weatherproof rating of IP67, the ALHVG can be used in all weather.
Made in the USA, the 3 Year warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship.


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