CST/Berger Magna-Trak 19-555 100 Series Magnetic Locator




CST/Berger Magna-Trak 19-555 100 Series Magnetic Locator
Product Highlights
Locates iron, cobalt, and nickel
20-inch depth detection
Adjustable sensitivity
LCD display with graph
Up to 100 hours battery life
5-year warranty

The CST/berger Magna-Trak 100 magnetic locator 19-550 detects magnetic fields emitted by underground ferrous and ferromagnetic objects. Ferrous objects contain iron while ferromagnetic objects contain iron, cobalt, or nickel. A visual peak response on the LCD display as well as an audio signal let you know when your Magna-Trak magnetic locator has located an object within a 20-inch depth. Constructed with aluminum and plastic, this magnetic locator is built to be both rugged and waterproof for detecting objects in rain or snow. Features such as single-hand operation and adjustable sensitivity make the MT100 an asset to any ferromagnetic locating job. And for added convenience, the carrying case protects the lightweight Magna-Trak 100 as you travel from one site to the next.
Reliable Magnetic Location
The CST/berger MT100 detects only ferromagnetic objects. This means you do not have to worry about erroneous objects affecting your location accuracy, such as objects made of aluminum, brass, or copper.
Dual-Visual and Audio Response
When your magnetic locator finds an object, it gives off a two-digit, numerical peak response as well as a bar graph on the LCD visual display window. The stronger the magnetic signal, the higher the number on the screen and the farther the graph extends across the display. The CST/berger MT100 also puts out a deep tone audio signal that can be adjusted at any time.
Control Features with One Hand
The MT100 is uniquely designed to be operated with one hand. Switch the magnetic locator on or off with the touch of a button. And adjust the unit’s volume or sensitivity with two dials conveniently located just below the display and speaker.
Waterproof and Portable
Rugged aluminum and lightweight plastic keep the MT100 both waterproof and lightweight. You can even submerge your magnetic locator underwater up to its plastic casing to locate objects. And when the job is complete, pack the Magna-Trak 100 magnetic locator into its padded carrying case.


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