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Spectrometer “ElvaX mini” is a compact desktop energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) alloys analyzer. It is right and affordable solution for jewelry industry, alloy sorting, express QC in metallurgy. The accuracy of determining concentrations is better than 0.3% for metal alloys.
Fields of application

Basic user specifications
Element detection range??? from Ti (Z=22) to U (Z=92)
Data acquisition time??? 5 – 200 s
Power supply???? 90 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption??? 30 W
Dimensions??? 225 mm x 340 mm x 200 mm
Weight??? 10 kg
Technical characteristics

X-ray source
X-ray tube??? W anode
250 um Be window
X-ray generator??? voltage: 4-40 kV, adjustable in 100 V steps
current: 0-100 ?A, adjustable in 0.2 ?A steps
maximal power: 4 W
Stability??? 0.1% per 8 hours

X-ray detector
Detector type??? solid state Si-pin-diode with thermo-electrical cooling
Active area???? 6 mm2
Energy resolution???? 165 eV at 5.9 keV (Mn Ka line)
Be window thickness??? 25 um

Spectrometric processor
Pulse processor??? digital pulse processor
pile-up rejection
pulse shape selector
automatic adjustment to count rate
ADC??? 4096 channels
Buffer RAM??? 4096 32-bit channels
Timers??? real and “live” time

Supported operating systems??? Windows XP/Vista/7
Quantitative analysis algorithms??? fundamental parameters
quadratic stepwise multiple regression
manual spectra comparison


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