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Selling Details Otdr Exfo Max Tester 700 Series Small, Light & Portable

OTDR Exfo MaxTester 700 Series MaxTester 730-M2, (1310 / 1550nm 37 / 35dB / Live 1625nm) : OTDRs Cost-Optimized, Yet Comprehensive Fiber Optic Equipment Global, Media Teknologi.

The MaxTester 710 is well suited for point-to-point last mile testing of passive optical networks (PON) in FTTx architectures. It is ideal for testing short fibers, for example, within a CO environment or in (FTTA) fiber-to-the-antenna networks.

EXFO OTDR MaxTester 700 Series

The MaxTester 700 dedicated low cost non – modular OTDR from EXFO.

Initially launched in 3 versions:

The MaxTester 710 is 1310 / 1550nm 29 / 28dB m1

The MaxTester 730 is 1310 / 1550nm 37 / 35dB m2

The maxterster 730 m3 is 1310/1550nm 37/35dB and 35dB filtered 1625nm

Key Features:

7-inch touchscreen

Dynamic range up to 37 dB

Test via high-port-count splitter (up to 1×128)

Link point-to-point testing at over 80 km

In tip port services (1625 nm filtered)


FTTx/MDU passive optical network testing

Metro/access, last mile and FTTA/DAS, point-to-point link testing

You will get a guarantee card for every product you buy, inside The warranty card contains the address of the service center that you can visit if the device you purchased is damaged.

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