FISCHERSCOPE X-Ray XAN  120 is a modern tabletop x-ray spectrometer (EDXRF). It is optimized for fast, non-destructive analysis of jewelry, precious metals in general, yellow and white gold, platinum and silver, rhodium, coins and all jewelry alloys and coatings.
The XAN® 120 is accurate, safe and easy to use, robust and maintenance free. In addition, it meets the requirements of DIN ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568. The high-resolution silicon-PIN-detector combined with a fast signal processing achieves extreme precision and very low detection limits. In a matter of seconds, all elements in the range of Chlorine (17) to Uranium (92) are determined accurately.
Whether you want to measure known samples or determine unknown materials, the XAN® 120 with the exceptional Fischer WinFTM® operating software is the right choice.
Either using the new and improved fundamental parameter standardless method or standards based – the result is always fast and exact. To simplify sample placement, the x-ray source and the high resolution silicon-PIN-detector are arranged in the base of the XAN® 120 which uses an upwards measurement technique.
The integrated video-microscope with cross hair, beam indicator, spot illumination and magnification make sample placement and spot determination quick and easy. There is no need to adjust a table or sample stage – just place and measure.
Long-term stability and outstanding precision – better than 1‰ for gold – are benefits of the XAN® 120. In addition, the necessity for re-calibration is significantly reduced thus saving time, effort and cost of ownership. Measured results are displayed in karat, ‰ or weight %, and easily printed out as customized reports.Excellent ergonomics, easy operation and fast calculation of the measurement best describe the XAN® 120 . Usage is safe and easy – for experienced staff as well as for employees with little training. There is no need for a special laboratory room for the XAN® 120. If you need an outstanding, accurate and reliable tool– the XAN® 120 is the right choice.
WinFTM Evaluation Software for PCThe advanced Fischer WinFTM software comes all inclusive – complete, easy to use and without any need for additional modules or upgrades. It includes:
Operation of the x-ray unit
Control of the entire measuring process
Advanced fundamental parameter method for standard- free measurements
Standard based measurements, calibration with certified standards
Material analysis of composition and coating thickness
Automatic element peak identification
Indication of values as karat, wt% or ‰
Reporting tool for customized reports


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