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The FISCHERSCOPE-X-RAY XDV?-SDD is a universally applicable energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer. It is particularly well suited for the non-destructive analysis of very thin coatings, for small concentrations trace analysis and for automated measurements.
Typical areas of application are:
– Analysis of thin or very thin coatings,e.g., gold/palladium coatings of =0.1 ?m
– Trace analysis on pc boards according to RoHS and WEEE requirements
– Gold and precious metals analysis
– Measurement of functional coatings in the electronics and semiconductor industries
– Determination of complex multi-coating systems
– Automated measurements, e.g., in quality control

To create ideal excitation conditions for every measurement, the XDV-SDD features electrically changeable apertures and primary filters. The modern silicon drift detector achieves high analysis accuracy and good detection sensitivity. Due to large apertures (collimators) and a very fast pulse processor, it is ideally suited for capturing high count rates.
The XDV-SDD x-ray spectrometer has an excellent long-term stability, which is reflected in a significantly reduced calibration effort, among other things. Using the fundamental parameter method, coating systems as well as solid and liquid samples can be analyzed standard-free. It is possible to detect up to 24 elements in a range from aluminum (13) to uranium (92) simultaneously.
With its fast, programmable X/Y-stage, it is the fitting measuring instrument for automated sample measurements.


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