The FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDVM µ (SD) is used for the analysis of coating systems on microstructures. Due to its novel, patented mirror X-ray optics, this instrument can generate very small measurement spots of only about 20 µm x 50 µm in size with very high radiation intensities.
Contrary to the purely µ-design version, the XDVM®-µ-SD version does not use a proportional counter tube as a detector but instead a Si PIN diode. (SD means Solid State Detector). This high-quality semiconductor detector does not require cooling with liquid nitrogen and still enables a very high energy resolution. The SD design is, therefore, predestined for the analysis of completely unknown samples.
Thus, this instrument is suited for quality control of miniaturized pc-boards, chips or contacts. Measurements are possible on structures that are only a few 10 micrometers wide.
Because of this new X-ray optics, the X-RAY XDVM®-µ-SD is capable of analyzing coating systems on very thin structures for thickness and composition, even in areas where conventional X-ray fluorescence instruments have to pass, due to insufficient radiation intensity.
The WinFTM® V.6 Software allows for the analysis of multi-coating systems with up to 24 individual layers or of alloys with up to 24 different elements .Please note:
The version XDVM-µ-SD-C is for applications, where a small measuring spot as well as a high x-ray intensity is needed.
The x-ray optics consists of a polycapillary system which is focussing the primary x-ray beam on the measuring spot of the sample.


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