Fischerscope X-ray Xul




Aperture 4-X Automatically Exchangeable
Aperture Diameter Up to 0.3 mm
Adjustable Measuring Distance 0 to 27.5 mm
Maximum Operating Voltage 50 kV
Maximum Operating Power 50 W
Intended Application Coating Thickness
Material Analysis

  • X-ray tube with W-anode and glass window or micro-focus X-ray tube with W-anode and beryllium window.
  • Proportional counter tube as X-ray detector
  • Aperture: fixed or 4-x automatically exchangeable, 0.05 x 0.05 mm to Ø 0.3 mm
  • Primary filter: fixed or 3-x automatically exchangeable
  • Fixed sample support or manual XY-stage
  • Video camera for optical observation of the measurement location along the axis of the primary X-ray beam. Crosshairs with calibrated scale (ruler) and display of the measurement spot
  • Design-approved, fully protected instrument compliant with the German X-ray ordinance § 4 Para. 3
Typical Fields of Application
  • Measurement of coatings such as Au/Ni/Cu/ PCB or Sn/Cu/PCB in the PC Board industry
  • Coatings on connectors and contacts in the electronics industry Decorative coatings Cr/Ni/Cu/ABS
  • Electroplated coatings such as Zn/Fe, ZnNi/Fe as corrosion protection on mass-produced parts (screws and nuts)
  • Jewelry and watch industry
  • Determination of the metal content of electro-plating baths
  • Especially for easy handling of large and/or flexible PCBs an extended sample support is available
Additional Information
Despite their compact size, these instruments feature a high-volume measurement chamber, so that even big objects can be measured. An opening in the housing C-slot) allows for measurements on large, flat samples such as printed circuit boards that might otherwise not fit into the measurement space.

The sample is placed directly on the flat support, or for even higher orientation precision, on the optionally available manual XY-stage.

The XUL® and XULM® instruments are both equipped with proportional counter tube detectors; however they differ in their X-ray tubes, filters and apertures. The robust and cost-effective XUL® is furnished with one aperture and one fixed filter. The standard built-in X-ray tube has a larger primary beam spot; therefore, the smallest useful aperture is 0.3 mm. Because of beam divergence, only measurement spots of about 0.7 mm – 1 mm can be resolved.

The XULM® is used for smaller structures. It is furnished with a micro-focus tube that also allows for small measurement spots down to about 100 μm, while the proportional counter tube detector still allows for relatively high count rates. Very good repeatability precision can be achieved even at short measuring times. Additionally, the XULM® instruments feature automatically interchangeable apertures and multi-filters to flexibly create optimum excitation conditions for various measuring applications.

Examples from practical applications
The XULM® instruments are very well suited for measurements on fragile parts such as connectors, contacts or wires, as well as for measurements of coatings on printed circuit boards such as Au, Ni and Cu. Even thin gold coatings just 80 nm thick can be measured with a measurement spot of Ø 0.25 mm, achieving a repeatability precision of only 2.5 nm at 20 sec.


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