Fischerscope X-ray Xulm




Entry-level X-ray fluorescence XRF analysis

The FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XUL® series is truly fundamental equipment for every electroplating shop. These straightforward and affordable energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence XRF analyzers are excellent for monitoring the bath composition, but they’re also indispensable helpers when it comes to quality control: robust and perfectly suited for measuring galvanic coatings on mass-produced parts like nuts and bolts.

All the XRF spectrometers in the XUL / XULM series are easy and intuitive to operate. Larger samples can be simply placed in the measuring chamber by hand; or, for smaller items such as plugs, the instruments can be outfitted with a manual sample stage. Although the measuring devices are compact, they offer plenty of room for your test pieces – up to a height of 17 cm.

And if you have several different measuring tasks, the FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XULM has exchangeable filters and collimators, so you can create the optimum measuring conditions for all your applications. In addition, the XULM has a built-in microfocus tube, which delivers precise results even with small measuring spots and thin layers.

  • Analysis of galvanic baths and coating thickness measurement with X-ray fluorescence according to DIN ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568
  • Smallest measurement spot with the XULM approx. 0.1 mm; smallest measurement spot with the XUL approx. 0.5 mm
  • Tungsten X-ray tube or tungsten microfocus tube (XULM) as an x-ray source
  • Proven proportional counter tube detectors for short measuring times
  • Collimator: fixed or 4x automatically changeable
  • Primary filter: fixed or 3x automatically changeable
  • Fixed sample support or manual XY stage
  • Video camera for optical observation of the measuring spot
  • Patented by Fischer: the DCM method for simple and fast adjustment of the measuring distance
  • Certified fully protective device
  • Galvanic coatings such as zinc on iron or zinc-nickel on iron as corrosion protection for mass-produced parts (nuts and bolts)
  • Analysis of the metal content of electroplating baths
  • Decorative coatings Cr/Ni/Cu/ABS
  • Coatings on connectors and contacts in the electronics industry


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