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PMP10/PMP10 Duplex

Using phase-sensitive measurement techniques, the PMP10 and PMP10 DUPLEX are also suitable for coating thickness measurement on rough surfaces or for nickel layers on steel.

The PMP10 DUPLEX is the ideal solution for the automotive industry, where the coating thicknesses of paint on aluminum or galvanized steel must be measured. The device measures both layers precisely in a single operation, thereby saving both time and money. PMP10 is especially well-suited for the electroplating or circuit board industry, for checking electrically conductive layers on various substrates.


  • Measure paint thickness on galvanized steel in a single procedure
  • Coating thickness measurement of nickel, zinc or copper on steel, even on rough surfaces, using phase-sensitive measurement techniques
  • With Fischer DataCenter, readings can be easily processed and reports generated
  • Test onsite or in the field
  • The best paint thickness gauge for duplex measurements such as paint/zinc on steel
  • Paint on aluminum and paint on zinc on iron
  • Easy measurement on curved geometries such as convex and concave surfaces as well as rough surfaces
  • Thinnest coatings (micrometer) on non-ferrous metals, steel or iron
  • Multilayer systems consisting of single, micrometer thin layers
Measuring the Thickness of Duplex Coatings Has Never Been That Easy

Looking for a car paint thickness gauge to measure duplex coatings (paint/zinc) on aluminum or galvanized steel substrates? The answer is Fischer’s PHASCOPE® PMP10 DUPLEX. The automotive sector considers it the best paint meter for processing sheet metal, brake line tubing, wire and other industry-typical applications. Improve your quality processes and save time with the ultimate automotive coating thickness tester: the PMP10 DUPLEX from Fischer.

When paired with the ESG20 probe, the PHASCOPE PMP10 DUPLEX offers many features that can save time and improve quality assurance processes in automotive manufacturing. This thickness gauge measures both the paint and the zinc layers in one go – and displays them separately on the screen. The automatic substrate recognition feature makes it easy to measure on steel or aluminum without needing to switch probes.

The PHASCOPE PMP10 DUPLEX combines three different methods for measuring automotive duplex coatings. The magnetic induction method according to DIN EN ISO 2178 measures the overall thickness of paint/zinc coatings on iron. The amplitude-sensitive eddy current method, DIN EN ISO 2360, measures a single paint layer on aluminum. The phase-sensitive eddy current method ISO 21968 measures just the zinc coatings on iron, ignoring any overlying paint layers.

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