Flir E50 bx Thermal Imaging Camera With Msx And Wi-fi




  • Item is a Class II laser product, 1mW power output.
  • IR resolution – 43,200 (240×180) pixels – far exceeds RESNET standard; measurement modes include 3 Spots, 3 Area Box, Isotherm, Auto Hot/Cold spots
  • Built-in RH/Dew Point alarms display areas at risk of surface condensation & mold growth; Insulation alarm detects areas with inadequate insulation
  • Bluetooth links E50bx to mobile devices so IR images can be viewed remotely; METER Link offers connectivity to FLIR’s new test & measurement devices
  • Picture-in-Picture overlays a scalable section of a thermal image onto a digital photo to clarify problem locations and enhance documentation
  • Auto Orientation keeps displayed/captured IR scenes and images upright on the 3.5″ touchscreen whether the camera is held vertically or horizontally

Product Description

The new FLIR E50bx thermal camera can help building and restoration professionals track down numerous problems, including water damage, air leaks, missing insulation and much more. The FLIR E50bx has an IR resolution of 43,200 (240×180) pixels, which exceeds the RESNET standard. Compact, rugged and user-friendly, the FLIR E50bx has a 3.5″ color LCD touchscreen display with Auto-Orientation, wide-angle manual-focus lens, 4X digital IR zoom and built-in 3.1MP digital camera with LED lamp and laser pointer for capturing high-quality reference images. The FLIR E50bx features Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices for real-time remote viewing and diagnostics. And with METER Link on board the camera can connect to FLIR’s new test tools, which stream electrical and environmental readings directly to the FLIR E50bx so that IR images are automatically annotated with critical measurements to further support findings. The camera also includes FLIR’s exclusive MSX imaging technology, which integrates key image details from the digital camera’s photos to create sharper and clearer IR scenes. MSX makes it easier to see the location of temperature-related electrical/mechanical problems without obscuring or compromising the integrity of the original thermal images – a common problem with older image blending modes. Also, the bundled FLIR Tools software makes it simple to import, analyze and incorporate images into easy-to-understand reports. And like all FLIR thermal cameras, the FLIR E50bx captures Fully Radiometric thermal JPEG files that contain all temperature data, which can be viewed and analyzed later on. The FLIR E50bx includes SD memory card with adapter, Li-ion battery, two-bay charging station, power adapter, USB cable, hard case and FLIR Tools software for PC and Mac OS. The new FLIR E50bx is covered by FLIR’s premier 10-5-2 warranty, which provides a 10-year warranty on the IR detector, 5 years on field-replaceable batteries and 2 years on parts and labor.

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