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The FLIR E60bx is the most powerful Exx-Series “bx” thermal camera which FLIR makes. That’s because the E60bx features 320 x 240 resolution for high-quality thermal imaging, an inspection-optimized temperature range of -4 to 248°F (-20 to 120°C), and FLIR Alarm Alerts for faster and easier building inspections and diagnostics. FLIR Alarm Alerts are unique to FLIR “bx” series infrared cameras because these cameras are designed for building inspection applications. The E60bx features humidity, dew point, and insulation Alarm Alerts to notify users to humidity and dew point levels as well as areas where insulation is lacking. These alerts can help users quickly locate problem areas or diagnose causes. The E60bx also features 45mK thermal sensitivity, 4x digital zoom, multiple lens options, a 60Hz frame rate, and integrated 3.5 inch LCD touch screen.

E60bx Specifications

  • High Resolution 320 x 240 pixel thermal imaging
  • ±2°C or ±2% of reading accuracy
  • Measuring Modes: 3 spot meters, 3 box areas, isotherm, auto hot/cold spot, Delta T
  • FLIR MSX Thermal Fusion
  • Scalable Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Approx. 4-hour battery life
  • Integrated Laser Pointer & LED light
  • 3.1-megapixel digital camera
  • Drop Tested to 2 meters

FLIR MSX Thermal Fusion

Thermal fusion, or image blending, is a method of combining visible light and thermal images to create infrared images where fine details like numbers and lines are still easily visible. FLIR calls its version of thermal fusion MSX, or Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging. Unlike most other manufacturers, FLIR’s MSX thermal fusion doesn’t simply overlay thermal and visible light images. Instead, MSX extracts high-contrast details and highlights from visible light images and embeds them in the E60bx’s infrared images in-camera. The result is more detailed, clearer images which can stand alone, without the need for reference images. The images below are an example of the enhanced thermal clarity possible with FLIR MSX.

Responsive Touch Screen Tools

FLIR has incorporated its latest Dark Precision LCD touch screen interface into the E60bx infrared camera. This touch screen is 3.5 inches in width, giving you plenty of space to view live images, review captured images, and adjust settings and tools. In fact, most of the E60bx’s functions can be adjusted and set directly from the touch screen with only one or two touches, including measurement modes, tools like box areas and measurement spots, and image modes. In addition, the E60bx touch screen features FLIR Auto Orientation. This feature keeps the screen and any overlays consistently in the upright position no matter the camera’s orientation.

FLIR Tools Mobile

FLIR Tools Mobile is a powerful, free mobile app from FLIR for Apple, Android, and Kindle devices. The app enables connectivity with the E60bx infrared camera via a Wi-Fi connection. With the app installed, users can stream live thermal video direct from the camera to their devices, which can be very useful when communicating with clients. FLIR Tools Mobile also allows users to import images, adjust contrast and color, add and adjust measurements tools, and finally send out images in professional PDF reports created in the app.

FLIR MeterLink

FLIR MeterLink is a powerful technology which uses a Bluetooth connection to enable communication between the E60bx and certain FLIR and Extech clamp and moisture meters. Connecting these meters to your E60bx infrared camera can make building inspections and diagnostic duties easier and faster because electrical and moisture data from connected meters is automatically embedded in thermal images taken with the E60bx. Having this data embedded in thermal images can make finding the causes of thermal events easier, enabling you to fix these issues quickly.

Laser Pointer & Flashlight

The FLIR E60bx features a built-in laser pointer and LED flashlight. These features can be especially helpful in home inspection applications, an area where this thermal camera excels. The integrated laser pointer’s beam will appear in visible light reference images and can help you pinpoint problem areas when comparing these images with corresponding thermal images. The built-in LED flashlight can help users locate problem areas in dark environments. This flashlight also doubles as a flash for the E60bx’s integrated 3.1megapixel digital visible light camera.

Alarm Alerts – FLIR Alarm Alerts are standard on all FLIR “bx” series thermal cameras, the E60bx included. Alarm Alerts are extremely useful in home inspection and building diagnostic applications. Users can set Alarm Alerts to notify them to user-defined humidity and dew point levels, as well as areas where insulation has failed.

FLIR Lens Options – The FLIR E60bx comes standard with a 25-degree field-of-view lens. While this mid-range lens is good for most applications, FLIR also offers a 15-degree telephoto and 45-degree wide angle lens for the E60bx infrared camera.

Measuring Modes – The FLIR E60bx features a range of measuring modes inlcuding 3 spotmeters, 3 moveable area boxes, isotherm, auto hot/cold spot, and Delta T measuring. A scalable picture-in-picture mode with the option to use FLIR MSX is also available.

Annotations – The FLIR E60bx allows you to easily add voice or text comments to images. This makes inspections more streamlined and saves time during the image analysis process.

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