Flir E8 Thermal Imaging Camera With Msx




The FLIR E8 is the flagship model in the FLIR Ex Series, offering a superb resolution of 320 x 240 (76,200 temperature measurements) equal to the E60 and T4xx series, and a reduced thermal sensitivity of 0.06?C. A built in visual camera and MSX (multi spectral dynamic imaging) gives the user unparalleled clarity, with visual details such as labelling, signs embossed into the IR images for fast and easy identification of locations and problems. The E8 also adds the function of area temperature measurement, which is particularly useful for automatic hot and cold spot measurements, or averaging of the temperature within a defined area. In addition the user can select to display warmer or cooler areas in a contrasting red or blue colour to give ease of identifying problm areas. Multiple image modes let the user select between thermal only, thermal MSX, picture in picture.
The E8 is supplied complete with FLIR Tools reporting and analysis software in a hard transport case with two rechargeable batteries and desktop charger, USB cable, power charging cable and multi-plugs, calibration certificate and extended warranty card.


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