Fluke 1586A/1DS 120/C Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner, Up to 40 Universal Inputs


Featuring up to 40 universal inputs, this precision temperature scanner is highly accurate when calibrating Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT), RTDs, thermistors or thermocouples.

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Fluke 1586A/1DS 120/C Offers

This precision temperature scanner collects time-stamped precision temperature and electrical measurements for data analysis by technicians, engineers and quality-control personnel.


Best temperature measurement accuracy
Flexible configuration for the factory or benchtop
Multiple modes of operation
Real-time graphing in color
Data portability and security
Automated sensor calibration
Measure thermocouples, PRTs, thermistors, DC voltage, DC current and resistance
Input channels: up to 40 isolated universal inputs
Flexible configuration: Internal High-Capacity Module and/or DAQ-STAQ Multiplexer
Selectable scan speed: up to 10 channels per second

Fluke 1586A/1DS 120/C Specifications

47 to 440Hz

Power Consumption
36VA peak (24W average)

Environment Temperature
Operating: 32 to 122?F (0 to 50?C); full accuracy: 64.4 to 82.4?F (18 to 28?C); storage: -4 to 158?F (-20 to 70?C); warm-up: 1 hour to full accuracy specifications

Relative Humidity (Non-Condensing)
Operating: 0 to 30?C <80%; 30 to 50?C <50%; storage: -20 to 70?C <95%

Operating: 1.24 miles (2,000m); storage: 7.46 miles (12,000m)

Vibration And Shock
Complies with MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3

Input Protection
50V all functions, terminals and ranges

Interval, external (trigger input), alarm, remote (bus), manual, automated test
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