Fluke 1586A/DS-HC 120 Super DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner, 1 Int./1 Ext. Module, 120V


Considered to be the most accurate and flexible temperature data acquisition system, this precision instrument scans and records temperature, DC voltage, DC current, and resistance for up to 40 input channels and scan speeds as fast as 10 channels per second. The Super DAQ is configurable to a multi channel data logger in the factory or as a precision reference thermometer for benchtop sensor calibration in laboratories.

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Fluke 1586A/DS-HC 120 Offers

The 1586A Super-DAQ collects time-stamped precision temperature and electrical measurements for data analysis by technicians, engineers, and quality control personnel to verify process control, analyze interactive systems, ensure conformance to quality standards, or to correlate related events for R&D or troubleshooting. Measurement data and statistics can be viewed in tabular format for all active channels. With the graphing feature, up to four channels can be plotted at the same time, making it easy to quickly assess test setup and results before analyzing the data on a PC.

When configured with the DAQ-STAQ Multiplexer, the Super-DAQ has the accuracy of the best benchtop reference thermometer readouts for calibration of PRTs, RTDs, thermistors, or thermocouples. Lab efficiency can be increased when the Super-DAQ is connected to a Fluke Calibration drywell or bath and Automated Sensor Test routines are run.

Best temperature measurement accuracy
Flexible configuration for the factory or benchtop
Multiple modes of operation
Real-time graphing in color
Data portability and security
Automated sensor calibration


Food Processing

Fluke 1586A/DS-HC 120 Specifications

Mains Voltage 120 V Setting:?108 V to 132 V
Frequency 47 Hz to 440 Hz
Power Consumption? 36 VA peak (24 W average)
Operating Temperature ?0 to 50?C
Full accuracy 18 to 28?C
Storage Temperature -20 to 70?C
Relative Humidity?(non-condensing) Operating: 0 to 30?C <80 %; 30 to 50?C <50 %
Vibration and Shock Complies with MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3
Dimensions 150 x 245 x 385 mm
Conformity CE, CSA, IEC 61010 3rd ed.
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