Fluke 1621A-S-156 Hygrometers – Measure Temperature: Yes, Dual Display: Yes




Two standard-accuracy calibrated sensors
Huge memory
Superior accuracy
Network enabled

1621A-S-156 Standard-Accuracy ‘DewK’ Thermo-Hygrometer Value Kit Includes Two (2) Standard Accuracy Sensors. The standard-accuracy sensor (‘S model) reads temperature to +- 0.25 degrees-C over its calibrated range of 15 degrees-C to 35 degrees-C. Relative humidity readings are to +- 2 % RH from 20 % RH to 70 % RH. All DewK thermo-hygrometer sensors come with NVLAP accredited certificates of calibration for both temperature and humidity, complete with data and NIST traceability. Ethernet and wireless capability With its built-in Ethernet RJ45 jack, multiple DewK thermo hygrometers can be monitored from the same screen using LogWare III client-server software. Ethernet also gives you the possibility for remote connectivity over the internet, so you can monitor critical conditions while you’re away. Cables running along the floor can be a safety hazard, and cables hanging from the ceiling and walls are an eyesore. With the DewK, simply connect your computer through an RF modem up to 100 ft away, without the clutter of all the extra cables. If you need a printout, send data to a printer through the RS-232 interface in real time. Math and statistical functions In addition to temperature and humidity, the DewK calculates dew point, heat index, and rates of change for both temperature and humidity. Min, max, and a variety of other statistics are also calculated and can be shown on-screen. Daily summary statistics, including min, max, and maximum rates of change are stored for the most recent sixty days. Calibrated sensors With inputs for two sensors, each measuring both temperature and relative humidity, one DewK can monitor two locations at the same time. Both sensors can be run via extension cables to remote locations up to 100 feet away, or one sensor can be directly mounted to the top of the DewK. Each sensor is calibrated for both temperature and humidity b


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