Fluke 1622A-S-156 Temp./Humidity Data Logger USB Wireless Kit


On-board memory holds up to 400,000 date and time-stamped data points. User programmable audible and visual alarms for numerous fault conditions.

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Fluke 1622A-S-156 Offers


Inputs for two sensors, each measuring both temperature and humidity
Both sensors can be run via extension cables to remote locations or one sensor can be mounted directly to the top
Sensors can be used interchangeably
Two types of sensors are available: high accuracy and standard accuracy
Calculates dew point, heat index, and rates of change for both temperature and humidity
Daily summary statistics including Min, Max, and maximum rates of change are stored for most recent 60 days
Equipped with a 0 to 12V alarm output that can trigger a process control system
Up to 16 different display setups can be stored and recalled at the touch of a single button
Optional software logs in real-time or shows graphical/statistical data
Built-in Ethernet RJ45 jack allows multiple units to be monitored from the same screen and gives you the possibility for remote connectivity over the internet
Send data to a printer through the RS232 output in real time

Fluke 1622A-S-156 Specifications

Temperature Range0 to 50?C (32 to 122?F)
Accuracy?0.25?C: 15 to 35?C (?0.45?F: 59 to 95?F)
Delta T Accuracy?0.025?C for ?1?C changes w/i 15 to 35?C (?0.045?F for ?1?F changes w/i 59 to 95?F)
ResolutionUser selectable up to 0.001?C/?F
Humidity Range0 to 100% RH
RH Accuracy?2% RH:20 to 70% RH
Delta RH Accuracy?1.0% for ?5% changes w/i 20 to 70% RH
RH ResolutionUser selectable up to 0.01%
InputsUp to 2 sensors, each measure temp. & RH; each is detachable, cable-extendable & interchangeable w/ self-contained calibration
Display240 x 128 graphics monochrome LCD, displays temp. & RH data graphically, numerically & statistically; 16 pre-defined, user-changeable screen setups are included
Memory400,000 typical individual time-stamped readings
AlarmsVisual & audio alarms for temp., temp. rate, RH, RH rate & fault conditions
Alarm Port Output2.5mm two-conductor subminiature plug, 0V normal, 11 to 12V active, sources up to 20mA
CommunicationsRS232, Ethernet, RF (optional)
Power Supply12VDC from external 100-240VAC
Dimensions4.9 x 8.3 x 2.0″ (125 x 211 x 51 mm);
Sensor3.1″L x 0.75″ dia. (79 x 19mm)
Weight1.5 lb (0.7 kg)

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