Fluke 1736 3-Phase Power Logger with Current Probes


General purpose power logger that automatically captures and logs over 500 power quality parameters and allows you to share data remotely with your team with Fluke Connect. Perfect for electrical technicians, contractors and energy savings consultants.

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Fluke 1736 Offers

More visibility, reduced uncertainty and better power quality and energy consumption decisions . The Fluke 1736 Three-Phase Power Loggers built with Fluke Connect? mobile app and desktop software compatibility give you the data you need to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time. The ideal test tools for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging, it automatically captures and logs over 500 power quality parameters so you have more visibility into the data you need to optimize system reliability and savings.


Automatically capture and log voltage, current, power, harmonics and associated power quality valuesFluke Connect? compatible*: View data locally on the instrument or via Fluke Connect mobile app and desktop software.Convenient instrument powering: Power instrument directly from the measured circuitHighest safety rating in the industry: 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated for use at the service entrance and downstreamComprehensive logging: Store 20+ logging sessions. Values automatically logged. Review during logging/before downloading for real-time analysis.Capture dips, swells, and inrush currents: event waveform snapshot and high resolution RMS profile, date, timestamp to see root causes of PQ issues.Energy Analyze Plus application software: get every detail of energy consumption and power quality state of health with automated reporting.Optimized user interface: Get the right data with, graphical setup. Reduce uncertainty about your connections with intelligent verification function.Complete “in-the-field” setup through the front panel or Fluke Connect App.


Load Studies
Energy Assessments
Harmonics Measurements
Solar Power
Voltage Events Capture
Great for Electrical Technicians, Electrical Contractors, and Energy Savings Consultants

Fluke 1736 Specifications

Voltage Range
Current Direct Input i17xx-flex 1500 12″
150A / 1500A
Current Direct Input i17xx-flex 3000 24″
300A / 3000A
Current Direct Input i17xx-flex 6000 36″
600A / 6000A
Current Direct Input i40s-EL clamp
4A / 40A
42.5Hz to 69Hz
Auxillary Input
?10V DC
Voltage Min/Max
Current Min/Max
Defined by accessory
THD on Voltage
THD on Current
Voltage Harmonics 2nd to 50th
1000 V
Current Harmonics 2nd to 50th
Defined by accessory
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