Fluke 1760 TR US Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder with Trans Topas


Class A compliance to IEC 61000 4 30 for the most demanding power quality tests. Offers outstanding flexibility with the ability to customize thresholds, algorithms, and measurement selections.

SKU: 1760 TR US


Fluke 1760 TR US Offers

This recorder is fully compliant to IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A, for advanced power quality analysis and consistent compliance testing. Designed for analysis of utility and industrial power distribution systems, in medium and low-voltage networks. Provides exceptional flexibility with the ability to customize thresholds, algorithms, and measurement selections. It also captures the most comprehensive details on user-selected parameters; the supplied PQAnalyze application software enables users uses the in depth measurement and produce sophisticated analysis and reports.


Three-phase power quality recorder fully compliant to IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A and consistent with compliance testing
Uses GPS time synchronization to correlate data with events or datasets from other instruments with precision
Offers flexible and fully configurable thresholds and scale factors to allow users to define detailed criteria for detecting and recording disturbances
Provides uninterrupted power supply (40 minutes) so you?ll never miss important events. Even records the beginning and end of interruptions and outages to help determine the cause
Provides continuous recording of voltage, current, power P, Q, S, power factor, kWh, flicker, unbalance, frequency, voltage and current harmonics to the 50th/Interharmonics, THD, and mains signalling
Provides 2 GB data memory to enable detailed, simultaneous recording of numerous power parameters for long periods of time
Includes comprehensive software that provides trend diagrams for root cause analysis, statistical summaries, report writing, and real-time data monitoring in the online mode
Allows quick plug and play setup with automatic sensor detection. Sensors are instrument powered, eliminating the need for batteries
Delivers reliable testing under nearly any conditions with rugged insulated housing and a solid state design that has no rotating components


Detailed disturbance analysis
Class-A quality-of-service compliance
Event correlation at multiple locations
Galvanic separation and DC coupling
Power quality and power load studies

Fluke 1760 TR US Specifications

Measurement Inputs
Number of Inputs
8 galvanically isolated inputs for voltage and current measurements
Sensor Category Rating
up to 600 V CAT IV depending on sensor
Nominal Voltage (RMS)
Overload Capacity (RMS)
1000V, Continuously
General Specifications
Two Years
Data Memory
2 GB Flash Memory
Ethernet (100 MB/s), RS 232, external modem via RS 232
325 x 300 x 65mm (13 x 11.8 x 2.6″)
Weight (without accessories)
Approx. 4.9kg (10.8lb)
Power Supply
AC: 83 to 264 V; 45 to 65 Hz
Power Consumption
Max. 54 VA
Battery Pack
NIMH, 7.2 V, 2.7 Ah

In case of a power supply failure an internal battery maintains the supply for up to 40 minutes.

Afterwards, or in case of discharged battery the Fluke 1760 is turned off and continues the measurements

with the latest settings as soon as the supply voltage returns. The battery can be replaced by the user.
Click here for complete specifications on the Fluke 1760 TR US


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