Fluke 271-U DDS Function Generator with ARB


Utilizes direct digital synthesis to generate waveforms and is capable of multi-function output.

SKU: 271-U


Fluke 271-U DDS Function Generator Offers

This high performance function generator utilizes a Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technique that generates waveforms digitally using a phase accumulator, a look-up table, and a digital-to-analog-converter (DAC). The accuracy and stability of the resulting waveforms is related to that of the crystal master clock. The DDS generator offers not only exceptional accuracy and stability but also high spectral purity, low phase noise, and excellent frequency agility.

Standard waveforms are sine, square, positive pulse, negative pulse, triangle, ramp up, ramp down. Additionally arbitrary waveforms, multi-level square-waves, waveform hopping and pseudo-random noise can be generated.


High stability 10 MHz DDS function generator
Arbitrary capability with storage for five user defined waveforms
Multiple standard and complex waveforms recalled from internal memory
Extensive modulation capabilities include sweep, AM, Gating, Trigger/Burst, FSK and Hop
GPIB and RS-232 interfaces

Fluke 271-U Specifications

20 character x 4 row alphanumeric LCD
Data Entry
Keyboard selection of mode, waveform etc.

Value entry direct by numeric keys or by rotary control
Stored Settings
Up to 9 complete instrument set-ups may be stored and recalled from battery-backed memory
4.1 kg (9 lb)
100V AC, 110 to 120V AC or 220 to 240V AC ?10%, 50/60Hz AC by internal adjustment; 30V A max
Operating Range
5 to 40?C, 20 to 80% RH
Storage Range
-20 to 60?C

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