Fluke 289-KIT5 True-RMS Industrial Logging Multimeter Kit – Includes the R2001 Infrared Thermometer & the R5100 AC Voltage Detector FREE


Allows users to log and zoom in on problems. Featuring capability to measure up to 10A (20A for 30 seconds) and large 50,000 count dot matrix display. This value added kit includes the REED R2001 Infrared Thermometer and the R5100 AC Voltage Detector for FREE.

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Fluke 289-KIT5 Offers

The Fluke 289 Industrial Logging Multimeter is designed to solve complex problems in electronics, plant automation, power distribution, and electro-mechanical equipment; it is loaded with powerful features so you can solve problems faster and help minimize downtime. Let the 289 be your watchdog for systems or processes while you are off doing other jobs.


Line or battery powered; convenience for use in a lab environment or in the field
Logging function with expanded memory for unattended monitoring of signals (TrendCapture allows users to review logged readings without a PC)
TrendCapture graphically displays logged data session to quickly determine whether anomalies may have occurred
Zoom on trend provides unprecedented ability to view and analyze TrendCapture data; zoom in up to 14 times
Two terminal 50 ? range with 1 m? resolution and 10 mA source current for comparing differences in motor winding resistance or contact resistance
Low Pass filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurements at the same time on adjustable speed motor drives
LoZ Volts – Low impedance voltage function for eliminating ghost voltages and also recommended when testing for absence or presence of live power
Selectable AC filter (smoothing mode) helps display a steadier reading when the input signal is changing rapidly or noisy
Compatible with optional ir3000 FC infrared connector (sold separately) which allows wireless connection to Fluke Connect mobile app
Let your team see what you see in an instant with ShareLive? video call (requires Fluke Connect mobile app and ir3000 FC wireless connector)

REED R2001 Infrared Thermometer

Built-in laser pointer identifies target area
8:1 distance to spot size ratio
User selectable ?F or ?C
Fixed emissivity covers 90% of applications
Automatic data hold
Backlit display
Low battery indication and auto shut off

REED R5100 AC Voltage Detector

Suitable for outlets or against insulated wire
Built-in flashlight
Double insulated housing for increased safety
Audible (buzzer) and visual (LED) indicators when voltage present
For use on 50/60Hz circuits
Pocket clip
Auto shut off


Automation & Process Control
Building Automation
Defense, Military & Aerospace
LED Lighting
System Monitoring, R & D

Fluke 289-KIT5 Specifications

Range and Resolution
50.000mV, 500.00mV, 5.0000V, 50.000V, 500.00V, 1000.0V
DC: 0.025%

AC: 0.4% (True-RMS)
Range and Resolution
500.00?A, 5000.0?A, 50.000mA, 400.00mA, 5.0000A, 10.000A
DC: 0.05%

AC: 0.6% (True-RMS)
Temperature (Excluding probe)
Range and Resolution
-200.0 to 1350.0?C (-328.0 to 2462.0?F)
Range and Resolution
50.000?, 500.00?, 5.0000k?, 50.000k?, 500.00k?,5.0000M?, 50.00M?, 500.0M?
Range and Resolution
1.000nF,10.00nF, 100.0nF, 1.000?F, 10.00?F, 100.0?F, 1000?F, 10.00mF, 100mF
Range and Resolution
99.999Hz, 999.99Hz, 9.9999kHz, 99.999kHz, 999.99kHz

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