Fluke 705 Loop Calibrator, 0-28 V, .025% Accuracy


Large display and simple, quick-click interface for easy one-handed operation. Simultaneous mA and % readout for quick, easy interpretation of readings.

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Fluke 705 Offers

Low cost calibrator muscle.

Process instrumentation requires periodic calibration and maintenance to ensure that it is operating correctly.

For a powerful loop calibrator, the Fluke 705 Loop Calibrator is a cost-effective, integrated solution for calibration, repair and maintenance of current loops. Use the Fluke 705 Loop Calibrator as a voltage source.

The Fluke 705 Loop Calibrator has a unique current simulation feature that, when connected to an external power source, allows you to precisely control current between 0 mA and 24 mA – which means you can control and calibrate actuators and indicators in that loop.

For more precision, see the Fluke 707 Loop Calibrator

Also, see the Fluke 715 Volt/mA Calibrator

Fluke 705 Specifications

Current Measurement
Range: 0 to 24 mA, Resolution: 0.001 mA, Accuracy: 0.02% Rdg + 2 LSD
Current Sourcing
Range: 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA, Accuracy: 0.025% Rdg + 2 LSD, Drive Capability: 1000 ? @ 24 mA
Loop Power
While measuring mA, 24 V
Voltage measurement
Range: 0 to 28 V DC, Resolution: 1 mV, Accuracy: 0.025% Rdg + 2 LSD
Operating Temp.
-10 to 55 ?C
Humidity (Without Condensation)
0 to 90% (0 to 35 ?C); 0 to 70% (35 to 55 ?C)
Temperature Coefficient
-10 to 18 ?C, 28 to 55 ?C, ?.005% of range per ?C
CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1:1992
EN50082-1:1992 and EN55022:1994 Class B
Maximum voltage
152 x 70 x 41 mm
One 9V battery
Shock & Vibration
per MIL-T-28800 for a Class 2 Instrument
Click here for complete specifications on the Fluke 705


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