Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator, 12 PSI to 300 PSI


Pressure Source and Milliamp Measurement to calibrate and maintain almost any pressure device. Integrated pump is easily cleaned when accidentally exposed to fluids that reduces cost of ownership and repairs and enables servicing the pump in the field.

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Fluke 718-300G Offers

The complete solution to pressure calibration

Fluke 718-300G Pressure Calibrator is a compact, lightweight and easy to carry calibrator that delivers outstanding performance, durability and reliability. The Fluke 718 Calibrator is EMI tolerant, dust and splash resistant and features a removable battery door for quick battery changes.

The Fluke 718 simultaneously measures pressure and mA and delivers 24 volt loop supply while measuring mA. The Fluke 718 provides a total pressure calibration solution for transmitters, gauges and switches. This compact pressure calibration solution is about a third of the size of comparable instruments and weighs just one kilogram (two pounds). The unique easy to clean pump helps protect the pump from damage and provides the ability to service the pump without disassembly, even in the field.

This new Pressure Calibrator presents cost-effective solutions for highly accurate pressure measurements over a wide range of temperatures. Connect it with any of the Fluke pressure modules to address a wide variety of gage, differential, absolute, vacuum and dual (compound) pressure applications.


Temperature from Thermocouple output
Loop Current
Pressure, 0.05% of full scale
Temperature from RTD output
Pressure to 10,000 psi/69 mPa using one of 29 Fluke pressure modules
Pressure, 0.05% of full scale with internal 30 psig sensor

Fluke 718-300G Specifications

-12 PSI to 300 PSI, (-850 mbar to 20.68 bar, -85 to 2068.42 kPa)
0.01 psi, 1 mbar
Over Pressure
Over Pressure 375 PSI 25 bar
Zero, Min, Max, Hold, Damp
Battery Type
6 AA Alkaline batteries, NEDA 15A IEC LR6
Battery Life
100 hours minimum. 200 hours in Logging mode
Operating Temp.
-20 ?C to 55 ?C
Storage Temp.
-40 ?C to 60 ?C
Operating Altitude
3000 m
Storage Altitude
10000 m
1 meter drop per IEC/EN 61010-1 2nd Edition
8.75 in x 4.03 in x 2.38 in (22.2 cm x 10.2 cm x 6.0 cm)
28.0 oz (871 g)
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