Fluke 725US-NIST Multi-Function Process Calibrator includes Traceable Certificate


Multi-function process calibrator. Measures Volts, DC, mA, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency, and Ohms.

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Fluke 725US-NIST Offers

Powerful yet easy-to-use. Combined with one of the eight new Fluke 700PEx Pressure Modules, the 725Ex is able to calibrate almost any process instrument likely to need service in an area where explosive gasses may be present.

Small, streamlined shape makes it easy to carry
Rugged, reliable design stands up to field use
Source/simulate volts, mA, thermocouples, RTDs, frequency, ohms, and pressure to calibrate transmitters
Measure/source pressure using any of 29 Fluke 700Pxx Pressure Modules
Source mA with simultaneous pressure measurement to conduct valve and I/P tests
Support flow meter testing with frequency and CPM functions
Perform fast linearity tests with auto- step and auto-ramp features
Power transmitters during test using loop supply with simultaneous mA measurement
Handling of fast pulsed RTD transmitters and PLCs, with pulses as short as 10 ms
Store frequently used test setups for later use

Fluke 725US-NIST Specifications

Measurement AccuracyVoltage DC30.000 V0.02%+ 2 counts (upper display)30.000 V0.02%+ 2 counts (lower display)100.00 mV0.02%+ 2 counts-10.00 mV to 75.00 mV0.025 % + 1 count (via TC connector)Current DC24.000 mA0.02%+ 2 countsResistance0.0 to 400.0 ?0.1? (4-wire), 0.15? (2- and 3-wire)401 to 1500 ?0.5? (4-wire), 1? (2- and 3-wire)1500 to 3200 ?1? (4-wire), 1.5? (2- and 3-wire)Frequency2.0 to 1000.0 CPM0.05 % + 1 count1.0 to 1100.0 Hz0.05 % + 1 count1.00 to 10.00 kHz0.05 % + 1 countSensitivity1 V peak-to-peak-minimumPressureAccuracyfrom 0.025% of range using any of 29 pressure modules.
(for detailed specifications refer to pressure modules in options and accessories)
Modules available for differential, gage, vacuum, absolute, dual and high pressure.Source AccuracyVoltage DC100.00 mV0.02%+2 counts10.000 V0.02%+2 counts-10.00 mV to 75.00 mV0.025 % + 1 count (via TC connector)Current DC24.000 mA (Source)0.02%+ 2 counts24.000 mA (Simulate)0.02%+ 2 countsResistance15.0 to 400.0 ?0.15 ? (exc. current 0.15 to 0.5 mA), 0.1 ? (exc. current 0.5 to 2 mA)401 to 1500 ?0.5 ?(excitation current 0.05 to 0.8 mA)1500 to 3200 ?1 ?(excitation current 0.05 to 0.4 mA)Frequency2.0 to 1000.0 CPM0.05%1.0 to 1100.0 Hz0.05%1.00 to 10.00 kHz0.25%Waveform5 V p-p squarewave, -0.1 V offsetRTDs and ThermocouplesMeasure AccuracyNI-1200.2 ?CPT-100 (385)0.33 ?CPT-100 (393)0.3 ?CPT-100 (JIS)0.3 ?CPT-200 (385)0.2 ?CPT-500 (385)0.3 ?CPT-1000 (385)0.2 ?CResolution0.1 ?CJ0.7 ?CK0.8 ?CT0.8 ?CE0.7 ?CR1.8 ?CS1.5 ?CB1.4 ?CL0.7 ?CU0.75 ?CN0.9 ?CResolutionJ, K, T, E, L, N, U: 0.1 ?C, 0.1 ?F B, R, S: 1 ?C, 1 ?FXK0.6?CBP1.2?CSource Accuracy: NI-1200.2 ?CPT-100 (385)0.33 ?CPT-100 (393)0.3 ?CPT-100 (JIS)0.3 ?CPT-200 (385)0.2 ?CPT-500 (385)0.3 ?CPT-1000 (385)0.2 ?CResolution0.1 ?CNoteAccuracy stated for 4-wire measurement.J0.7 ?CK0.8 ?CT0.8 ?CE0.7 ?CR1.4 ?CS1.5 ?CB1.4 ?CL0.7 ?CU0.75 ?CN0.9 ?CResolutionJ, K, T, E, L, N, U: 0.1 ?C, B, R, S: 1 ?CXK0.6?CBP1.2?CSpecificationsRamp FunctionsSource functionsVoltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperatureRampsSlow ramp, Fast ramp, 25% step-rampLoop Power FunctionVoltage24 VAccuracy10%Maximum current22 mA, short circuit protectedStep FunctionsSource functionsVoltage, current, resistance, frequency, temperatureSteps25% of range, 100% of rangeEnvironmental SpecificationsOperating temperature
-10 ?C to +55 ?CStorage temperature
-20 ?C to 71 ?COperating Altitude
3000 mSafety SpecificationsAgency Approvals
EN 61010-1:1993, ANSI/ISA S82.01-1994; CAN/CSA C22.2 No 1010.1:1992Mechanical & General SpecificationsSize
130 x 236 x 61 mmWeight
0.65 kgBatteries
4 AA alkaline batteriesBattery Replacement
Separate battery compartment, accessable without breaking calibration sealSide port connections
Pressure module connector, also used for remote real-time programming
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