Fluke 750RD5 Pressure Module


This 750 Reference Pressure Module has a range of -15 to 30 psi (-1 to 2 bar).

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Fluke 750RD5 Offers


Parameter/Range:-15 to 30 psi (-1 to 2 bar)
Burst Rating6:4X
Hi Side Media2:316 SS
Lo Side Media2:-
Reference Uncertainty4:?0.01% of FS
Total Uncertainty 1-year (15-35?C):? 0.02% of FS
Total Uncertainty 1-year1:? 0.04% of FS
Total Uncertainty 6-month (15-35?C):? 0.015% of FS
Total Uncertainty 6-month1:? 0.035% of FS

What’s included with the Fluke 750RD5
Fluke 750RD5 Pressure Module


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