Fluke 83-5 AC/DC Industrial Digital Multimeter, 6000 Counts


This multimeter works in loud, high energy, and high altitude locations. Its advanced troubleshooting capabilities deliver voltage, current, frequency and capacitance measurements.

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Fluke 83-5 Offers

When productivity is on the line and you need to solve problems fast, the Fluke 83V delivers the accuracy and advanced troubleshooting capabilities you need.


Large digit display with bright, two-level backlight makes the 83V significantly easier to read than older models with increased visibility
10,000 ?F capacitance range for components and motor caps
Min/Max-Average recording with Min/Max Alert to capture variations automatically
Relative mode to remove test lead interference from low ohms measurements
Auto and manual ranging for maximum flexibility
Touch Hold to capture stable readings avoiding noisy signals
Large display digits and two-level bright white backlight for increased visibility
Analog bargraph for observing fast changing or unstable signals
Input Alert provides audible warning against wrong use of input jacks
Access door for fast battery changes without breaking the calibration seal


Building Automation
Defense, Military & Aerospace
Hobby & Education

Fluke 83-5 Specifications
Volts Range and Resolution
600.0mV, 6.000V, 60.00V, 600.0V, 1000V
Volts Basic Accuracy
AC: 0.5%

DC: 0.1%
Current Range and Resolution
600.0?A, 6000?A, 60.00mA, 600.0mA, 6.000A, 10.00A
Current Basic Accuracy
AC: 1.2%

DC: 0.4%
Resistance Range and Resolution
600.0W, 6.000kW, 60.00kW, 600.0kW, 6.000MW, 50.00MW
Resistance Basic Accuracy
Capacitance Range and Resolution
10.00nF, 100.0nF, 1.000?F, 10.00?F, 100.0?F, 9,999?F
Capacitance Basic Accuracy
Frequency Range and Resolution
199.99Hz, 1.9999kHz, 19.999kHz, 199.99kHz
Frequency Basic Accuracy

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