Fluke 87V Industrial True RMS Multimeter with Temperature


Solve problems fast and deliver accurate and advanced troubleshooting capabilities that can handle complex signals with this industrial multimeter.

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The Fluke 87V Industrial True-RMS Multimeter
The Fluke 87V has improved measurement functions, troubleshooting features, resolution and accuracy to solve more problems on motor drives, in plant automation, power distribution, and electromechanical equipment. The 87V operates very similar to the classic 87, but with more problem-solving power, safety, convenience and impact protection.

With its newly incorporated selectable low pass filter, the Fluke 87V allows troubleshooters to take accurate voltage, current and frequency measurements on the output side of the drive at either the drive itself or the motor terminals.
Features for maximum productivity:

Unique function for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on adjustable speed motor drives and other electrically noisy equipment (87V)
Built-in thermometer conveniently allows you to take temperature readings without having to carry a separate instrument (87V)
Large digit display with bright, two-level backlight makes the 80 Series V significantly easier to read than older models

Electrical Safety:
All inputs are protected to Category III, 1000 V and Category IV 600 V. They can withstand impulses in excess of 8,000 V and reduce risks related to surges and spikes.

For a greater value see these Fluke 87V Kits and Bundles:

Fluke 87V/E2 – Industrial Electrician’s Combo Kit
Fluke 87V/AEK – Advanced Electronic Kit
Fluke 87V/IMSK – 87V with i400 Clamp Meter Combo Kit
Also available in an average responding multimeter, Fluke 83V

Fluke 87V Key Features:

True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurements on non linear signals
Selectable filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on motor drives
0.05 % dc accuracy
4-1/2 digit mode for precise measurements
Built-in thermometer lets you carry one less tool
Large display digits and two-level bright white backlight for increased visibility
10,000 ?F capacitance range for components and motor caps
Peak capture to record transients as fast as 250 ?s
Measure up to 1000 V ac and dc
Measure up to 10 A, 20 A for up to 30 seconds
Auto and manual ranging for maximum flexibility
Analog bargraph
Resistance, continuity and diode test
Frequency to 200 kHz and % duty cycle
Min/Max and average recording to capture variations automatically
Relative mode to remove test lead resistance from low ohms measurements
Improved sleep mode for long battery life
Access door for fast battery changes without breaking the calibration seal
Limited lifetime warranty
Removable holster with built in test lead and probe storage
Cat IV 600 V and Cat III 1000 V electrical safety ratings
Basic test leads and alligator clips
Bead type thermocouple temperature probe

Correctly measure pulse-width modulated motor drive signals
Until now, there hasn’t been a multimeter able to accurately measure adjustable speed drives. But the Fluke 87V is designed specifically to handle these complex signals. Think of the potential productivity you’ll gain by taking the guesswork out of drive system troubleshooting. Measurements are correct each and every time.

Unique function for accurate measurements of noisy pulse-width modulated AC voltage.
Measures correctly at the ASD and at the motor terminals
Accurately measure the frequency (motor speed). Frequency measurement not affected by the ASDs carrier frequency
Measure AC current with an optional current clamp accessory
Compare reading from the 87V with the display on the ASD
Special shielding blocks high frequency, high-energy noise generated by large drive systems

Fluke 87V Specifications

Range and Resolution
600.0mV, 6.000V, 60.00V, 600.0V, 1000V
Basic Accuracy
AC: 0.5%

DC: 0.1%
Range and Resolution
600.0?A, 6000?A, 60.00mA, 600.0mA, 6.000A, 10.00A
Basic Accuracy
AC: 1.2%

DC: 0.4%
Range and Resolution (excluding probe)
-328 to 1994?F (-200 to 1090?C)
Basic Accuracy (excluding probe)
80BK Temperature Probe
Range and Resolution
-40 to 500?F (-40 to 260?C)
Basic Accuracy
2.2?C or 2%
Range and Resolution
600.0W, 6.000kW, 60.00kW, 600.0kW, 6.000MW, 50.00MW
Basic Accuracy
Range and Resolution
10.00nF, 100.0nF, 1.000?F, 10.00?F, 100.0?F, 9,999?F
Basic Accuracy
Range and Resolution
199.99Hz, 1.9999kHz, 19.999kHz, 199.99kHz
Basic Accuracy

Click here for complete specifications on the Fluke 87V


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