Fluke 88V/A Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit


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Fluke 88-5/A-KIT Offers

A complete automotive diagnostic package with everything you need in an automotive multimeter

The new Fluke 88V has improved measurement functions, troubleshooting features and accuracy to solve more problems on conventional and hybrid vehicles. The 88V is made in the U.S.A. and carries the industry leading lifetime warranty.

The Fluke 88V operates very similar to the classic Fluke 88, but with more problem solving power, safety, convenience and impact protection.

Combo Kit Includes: 88V multimeter, TL224 silicone test leads, AC285 long reach alligator clips, TP220 test probes, RPM 80 inductive RPM pick-up, magnet and strap, 80BK temperature probe, two automotive backprobe pins, insulation piercing probe, C800 durable carrying case, holster, 9V battery (installed), Getting Started Manual, and CD with detailed manual.

The new 88V is independently tested to comply with the 2nd edition of ANSI/ISA S82.01 and EN61010-1 CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V. They can withstand impulses in excess of 8,000 V and reduce risks related to surges and spikes.

Fluke 88-5/A-KIT Specifications

Maximum Voltage
Fluke 88 V: ?(0.1%+1)
Best Resolution
Fluke 88 V: 0.01 mV

Maximum Voltage
Fluke 88 V: ?(0.5%+2)
AC Bandwidth
Fluke 88 V: 5kHz
Best Resolution
0.01 mVAC Current
Maximum Amps
Amps Accuracy
Fluke 88 V: ?(1.2%+2)
Best Resolution
0.001 mADC Current
Maximum Amps
Amps Accuracy
Fluke 88 V: ?(0.4%+2)
Best Resolution
Fluke 88 V: 0.001 mAResistance
Maximum Resistance
50 M?
Fluke 88 V: ?(0.4%+1)
Best Resolution
Maximum Capacitance
9,999 ?F
Best Resolution
0.01 nFFrequency
Maximum Frequency
200 KHz
Best Resolution
0.01 HzDuty Cycle
Maximum Duty Cycle
99.9 %
within 2% per KHz +0.1%
Best Resolution
0.1 %Temperature Measurement
-200.0?C – 1090?C
-328.0?F – 1994.0?F, 1.0% excluding probe80 BK Temperature Probe
-40 ?C – 260 ?C
-40 ?F – 500 ?F, 2.2 ?C or 2% whichever is greaterConductance
Maximum Conductance
60.00 nS
Maximum Resolution
0.01 nSOperating Range
Operating Temperature
-20 ?C – 55 ?C
Storage Temperature
-40 ?C – 60 ?CPhysical
5.2 cm x 9.8cm x 20.1 cm (2.06″ x 3.86″ x 7.93″)
624 g (22 oz.)
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