Fluke 9009-Y-156 Dual Range Dry-Block Calibrator, Yellow


This unit has two independently controlled temperature blocks, one for heating and one for cooling with a combined range of -15 to 350?C.

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Fluke 9009-Y-156 Dual Range Dry-Block Calibrator Offers


Two independently controlled temperature blocks, one for heating and one for cooling with a combined range of -15 to 350?C
Unique dual unit allows you to calibrate your sensor in the heated well while the cool well stabilizes; this eliminates the need to wait for multiple temperature points during calibration
Hot block provides temperatures from 50 to 350?C (122 to 662?F), while the cold block covers the range of -15 to 110?C (5 to 230?F)
Each block is controlled by a precision Hart Scientific temperature controller
Cold block is calibrated to within ?0.2?C with stability of ?0.05?C
Hot block’s display is accurate to ?0.6?C with stability of ?0.05?C
NIST-traceable calibration is included for each of the two test blocks
Each temperature block includes two wells with removable inserts; calibrate four probes at once, or calibrate two probes at the same time with an external reference, or use the two temperature wells to get quick “zero” and “span” references for transmitter calibrations
Inserts are available to accommodate sensors of any size from 1/16″ (1.6 mm) to 7/16″ (11.1 mm)
RS-232 connection and Interface-it software allows you to control and monitor temperatures from your PC
For completely automated calibrations, Hart’s MET/TEMP II software also integrates with the 9009
A single AC connection powers both temperature wells for convenience at the job site
Housed in a tough Pelican? case that is both airtight and watertight
Both wells accept the same removable inserts so that you only have to keep one set on hand for both wells (four inserts are stored in the wells, and an additional four can be stored in a convenient holding rack inside the case)

Ideal for the following applications: Laboratory, Education, R&D, Calibration Labs, Field Calibration

Fluke 9009-Y-156 Specifications

Temperature Range
Cold Block: -15 to 110?C (5 to 230?F) (-8?C [18?F] w/ hot block @ 350?C [662?F])

Hot Block: 50 to 350?C?(122 to 662?F)

Cold Block: ?0.2?C from 1/N to 200?C

Hot Block: ?0.6?C from 200 to 350?C


Well-to-Well Uniformity
Well Depth
4″ (102 mm)
Stabilization Time
8 mins
Heating Time
Cold Block: 15 mins from 25 to 110?C

Hot Block: 30 mins from 25 to 350?C
Cooling Time
Cold Block: 16 mins from 25 to -15?C

Hot Block: 40 mins from 350 to 100?C
Removable Inserts
Two 6.4 mm (1/4″) and two 4.8 mm (3/16″) inserts

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