Fluke 9142-DW-P-156 Field Metrology Well (No Insert) with Process Electronics, -25 to 150?C


Use this field metrology well to perform transmitter loop calibrations, comparison calibrations or simple thermocouple sensor checks. With plenty of remarkly easy functions, this field metrology well comes without an insert and has process electronics.

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Fluke 9142-DW-P-156 Offers

It has a built-in gradient-temperature compensation (patent pending) that adjusts control characteristics to ensure stable performance in unstable environments.


Lightweight, portable, and fast
Cool to -25?C in 15 minutes and heat to 660?C in 15 minutes
Built-in 2-channel readout for PRT, RTD, thermocouple, 4-20mA current
True reference thermometry with accuracy to ?0.01?C
On-board automation and documentation
Metrology performance in accuracy, stability, uniformity, and loading

Fluke 9142-DW-P-156 Specifications
Temperature Range at 23?C
-13 to 302?F (-25 to 150?C)

Display Accuracy
?0.2?C (full range)

Operating Conditions
0 to 50?C, 0 to 90% RH (non-condensing)

Immersion (Well) Depth
5.9in (150mm)


LCD, ?C or ?F (user-selectable)

Size (H x W x D)
11.4 x 7.3 x 11.6in (290 x 185 x 295mm)

18lbs (8.16kg)

Power Requirements
100 to 115V (?10%), 50/60Hz, 635W; 230V (?10%), 50/60Hz, 575W

Computer Interface
RS-232 (9930 Interface-it control software included)


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