Fluke P3840-PSI Hydraulic Deadweight Tester, 500 to 40,000psi


With select nominal increments in psi units, from 500 to 40,000psi, this hydraulic deadweight tester is suitable for a wide range of testing applications.

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Fluke P3840-PSI Offers

This hydraulic tester has mass set that can be trimmed to local gravity FOC.


Pressure ranges to 60,000psi (4,000bar)
Select from 2 accuracy classes; 0.02% or 0.015% of reading
Includes hand pump and intensifier for generating high pressures
Tungsten-carbide piston and cylinder provide long-term stability and durability

Fluke P3840-PSI Specifications

Pressure Ranges
500 to 30,000psi, or 40 to 2,000bar, or 4 to 200mPa, or 40 to 2,000kgf/cm2

Standard Weight Material
Series 3 non-magnetic, austenitic, stainless steel

Weight Density

Piston Material
Tungsten carbide with nickel binder

Cylinder Material
Tungsten carbide with cobalt binder

Thermal Coefficient of Expansion

Test Port Adapters
9/16 – 18 UNF (Autoclave); 3/8 BSP; 1/2 BSP and 3/4 BSP

Reservoir Volume
235cc (14.3in3)

Intensifier Ratio
7 to 1

Seal Materials

Operating Fluid
Dioctyl Sebacate (DOS), our reference 55-600
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