Fluke VR1710 Voltage Quality Recorder




Fast and easy recording of voltage trends, dropouts, and power quality – Easily pinpoint the root cause of single phase voltage problems

Fluke VR1710 Single Phase Voltage Quality RecorderThe Fluke VR1710 Power Quality Recorder, is a single-phase, plug-in voltage quality recorder that offers an extremely easy-to-use solution for detecting and recording power quality problems, allowing for immediate action and less downtime. The VR1710 single phase recorder satisfies the needs of maintenance and facilities management personnel in industrial, utilities, and large service organizations where reliable power quality is essential to the operation of the business. Power quality parameters including RMS average, transients, flicker, and harmonics up to the 32nd are recorded using a user-selected average period from 1 seconds to 20 minutes.Applications: Voltage recording – monitors and records supply voltage; measures RMS average, minimum and maximum values, and checks whether the socket outlet is providing voltage within tolerance. Distortion measurement – measure frequency and harmonics; check whether the distorting loads (UPS systems, drives, etc.) are affecting your other equipment. Flicker measurement – quantify the affects of switching loads on lighting systems. Capture voltage transients – capture those intermittent, momentary events that may be affecting your equipment; the full waveform is captured with date, timestamp, and duration.


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