GAO Tek OTDR fiber optics measurement




GAO Tek OTDR fiber optics measurement
This OTDR is a handheld instrument designed for fiber optics measurement. This instrument is applied in FTTx, fiber optics network engineering, verification, commissioning, and maintenance. It is also used in the production test of fiber.
Small, light, and handheld for out-door application
Optimized arithmetic for fast location the fiber
Fault or splicing/break position
Test duration selectable (Min. 5s)
Up to 5 inches (0.127 m) color capacitance touchscreen
Menu-driven and simplified operation
Multiple touch gestures: moves up/down/left/right, single/double click
Touch and keypad operation modes, freely zoom in/out to locate the trace
Test result can be uploaded to PC via USB or Ethernet port for printing or further analysis y Output test results in TXT, HTML, Excel and PDF files
Upgrade latest embedded software for free when available


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