Hilti PLT 300 Robotic Total Station




Hilti PLT 300
Hilti PLT 300
Easy-to-use and self-leveling construction layout tool for one-person operation
Magnification: 5 x
Distance measurement accuracy: ±3 mm + 10 ppm
Max. measuring distance: 164 ft
Automatic tilt compensation to avoid manual leveling
One-person layout and measuring – delivers significant productivity gains
Green laser point for outstanding visibility
Automatic stationing on the jobsite for quick setup
Battery compatible with Hilti’s 22V cordless platform
Laying out 2D and 3D positions on the jobsite
Laying out formwork, positions for excavation and fastening points on floors and ceilings
Laying out single and dual slopes
Laying out and transferring building control lines
As-built measurement of existing features


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