ICI Toughcam P-Series Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera




ICI Toughcam P-Series Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
Affordable Quality In An Easy-To-Use,
Lightweight, Thermal Imaging SystemThe new ToughCam P-series portable thermal imager offers outstanding image quality and radiometric temperature measurement performance in an affordable, rugged and easy to use infrared camera.

The ICI Toughcam P-series camera is equipped with 4 movable measurement points and 3 area boxes with tracking cursors. Image Resolution is 160 x 120 and has a temperature measurement range of -20° to 600° C (-4° to 1112° F) **Optional Temperature range up to 1000°C is available. Voice annotation is possible for a full 40 seconds per image. Its lithium ion battery has a 3 hour battery life per charge. Unlike many cameras in this range, the ICI Toughcam offers optional lenses to further customize the Toughcam to your application needs and has a SD storage. ICI Reporter software provides quick accessibility to a full range of tools for analyzing Toughcam images.
The ToughCam was recently featured on 4 television shows; Paranatural “Chupcubra”, MonsterQuest “Flying Monsters” , House MD “Both Sides Now”, and MonsterQuest “Isle of the Lost Tiger .” The ToughCam Pro was chosen for its real time high definition video output capabilities. It also was tough enough for the producers of MonsterQuest to carry half way around the world and back again through the jungles of Papua New Guinea and the outback of Australia. Rugged, reliable, portable, and an inexpensive solution for any thermal imaging application, the ToughCam Pro is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a handheld infrared camera under $8,000 USD with multiple spots and area temperature measurement.

Interested in the ToughCam Pro? We offer rentals, lease to own options, and even occasionally have used demo models for sell. Call us at 1 866 861 0788 USA or 1 409 861 0788 International.

Toughcam P-Series Infrared Camera Highlights
Low Cost
270 degree articulating 2.8 ” LCD display
Three auto hot spot trackers
Temperature measurement
40 second voice recording
Laser pointer
60Hz RCA video output
Stores over 1000 images
Optional lenses available
Extended Warranty available

Toughcam P-Series Applications
The Toughcam Infrared Camera is an ideal temperature measurement tool for many applications including:
reliability engineering / consulting, predictive / preventative maintenance (electrical and mechanical), process control, home inspection, measuring temperature trends and more.


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