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For those who demand benchtop analytical power with the ease of portability, Olympus Innov-X offers the field-rugged, closed-beam X-5000 for on-site analysis in virtually any environment. The X-5000 offers true portability with a high level of power and performance; our advanced 3-beam (kV-mA-filter settings) method and the latest in detector technology – an innovative, large area Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), used and tested extensively in high-end laboratory based instrumentation. Use it as your primary XRF analyzer, your lab XRF back up, your screening tool or your field inspection XRF system.
The X-5000 is offered with two different x-ray tube anode choices. A tantalum (Ta) anode x-ray tube configuration is utilized for excellent sensitivity measuring 25+ transition metals including Cd, Ag, Au, Pb, Cr, and even Rare Earth Elements. A rhodium (Rh) anode configuration is offered when the application calls for optimized analysis of light elements including Al, Si, S, Mg and P, along with mid range transition metals.
All X-5000 mobile systems are equipped with an industrial grade X-ray Fluorescence analyzer high resolution detector system (<165 eV FWHM at 5.95 keV Mn spectral line); 50 KeV, 10 W Tantalum X-ray Tube, Adjustable; Windows based Pentium Computer with pre-loaded analytical software; AC Adapter, User Manual, Quickstart Guide, 316 Stainless Steel standardization coupon and check standards (depending on mode); Rugged shipping/carrying case; Factory Authorized Radiation Safety Training & Start Up Assistance.
The X-5000 can be configured with any or all of the following calibration modes: Soil, Mining, Alloy, Fluids and Consumer Goods.
Available Accessories
Sample Guide/Holder
Attaches to the X-5000 deck to accurately place soil sample cups and securely hold bottles for liquid samples
Secondary spill containment for liquids
Optional Battery, Battery Charger / AC Adapter.


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