Leica Lino L360 Line Laser


The Leica Lino L360 projects laser lines quickly, accurately and further ? increasing the working range to 360?. The proven Power Range Technology? ensures outstanding visibility of the lines. This combination makes the Lino L360 to a valuable partner at any construction site and allows perfect levelling and alignment.

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360? horizontal line close to the floor level
180? vertical line
Well-dampened pendulum-based self-levelling
1.5mm @ 5m horizontal accuracy
Rechargeable battery pack for extended operating time
Dust-proof and jet water protected ? IP65

360? horizontal line close to floor

You do not need to turn the device, to transfer reference points from one side to the other. Furthermore the laser line is very close to the floor, allowing you to check levels easily.
Pendulum based self-levelling

The instrument is set up quickly thanks to a well-dampened pendulum, effortlessly projecting horizontal and vertical lines. Minor angular misalignments of 3.5?? 0.5? are compensated automatically. If the tilt is outside these limits, the laser lines will flash to prevent errors.
Clever mini tripod adapter

It is much more than a small tripod. With the integrated magnets it can be fixed to steel or iron pipes and used as a wall bracket. To fix it on a non magnetic surface, simply take a nail and hang it up.
Rechargeable battery pack

No need to buy stocks of batteries. With the in-built rechargeable battery pack and extended operating time of over 20 hours, the L360 is a reliable tool on your construction site.
Free additional year’s warranty

Leica Geosystems’ products meet the most demanding quality requirements to efficiently support daily work on building sites. To provide our customers even more reliability in the future, the company is offering a 3 year warranty for its Leica Lino series.

Optional Accessories
Lino RVL100 Receiver (SKU: 784962) +?105.00Lino Wall & Ceiling Adapter (SKU: 758839) +?45.00Lino Tripod TRi 100 (SKU: 757938) +?66.50


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