Leica Lino P3 Dot Laser


3 dot laser for easy and perfect plumbing.The Leica Lino P3 is excellent for plumbing up and down and transfers all the points you need, quickly and accurately. It features the Power Range Technology?, a magnetic multifunctional adaptor and it?s self levelling.

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Power Range Technology?
Modern, ergonomic housing
Practical multifunction adapter
Very easy to use

Self Levelling

It is not necessary to tediously align the device to obtain horizontal or vertical lines. Minor angular misalignments of ? 4? are compensated automatically. If the angular misalignment is greater, the device does not project any lines. Errors are prevented!

The Leica Lino P3 is excellent for plumbing up and down. The laser beam is projected above and below the instrument, allowing you to transfer reference points quickly and efficiently, e.g. from floor to ceiling.
Expanded range of applications

The adapter supplied with the Leica Lino P3 positions the instrument quickly and with absolute precision. You can set up the adapter over edges and profiles, attach it to circular columns or fix it to steel or iron pipes with the integrated magnets.
Robust housing

The Leica Lino P3 is dust and splash-proof to IP54 and can be locked to protect the instrument during transport.
Free additional year’s warranty

Leica Geosystems’ products meet the most demanding quality requirements to efficiently support daily work on building sites. To provide our customers even more reliability in the future, the company is offering a 3 year warranty for its Leica Lino series.

Optional Accessories
Lino RVL100 Receiver (SKU: 784962) +?105.00Lino Wall & Ceiling Adapter (SKU: 758839) +?45.00Lino Tripod TRi 100 (SKU: 757938) +?66.50


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