Leica TS 11 5″ R1000 Total Station


Leica TS 11 5″ R1000 Total Station

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Leica TS 11 5″ R1000 Total Station?is one of the most advanced with SmartWorx Viva Software package to complete jobs quicker and easier than ever before. Enabling GNSS functionality to the TS11 couldn?t be easier and is available as and when you need.With combined TPS and GNSS, the Leica TS11 Total Station is more efficient and the touch screen option lets you capture images, sketch and link to any points of interest showing exact photo documentation relating to a specific site and avoiding costly revisits. For your future jobs, your Viva TS11 is already designed with GNSS and you can add the Viva GNSS antenna to your Total Station to become a SmartStation.
FEATURESAccurancy 1mm + 1.5 ppm to prism and 2mm + 2ppm to any Surface1000m Range without a PrismCoaxial Laser Pointer and Measurement BeamExtremely Fast


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