Leica TS13 1″ R1000 Total Station




Leica TS13 1″ R1000 Total Station
new Leica TS13 mid range Robotic total station provides a fast and reliable solution in challenging site environments. ATR (automatic target recognition) with target lock and SpeedSearch options enable the TS13 to quickly aquire and track prisms for one person surveying and setting out tasks. packed with features for easy and productive robotic surveying and setting out
ATR (automatic target recognition) with target lock and SpeedSearch
available with the light weight Leica CS20 controller providing secure wireless connectivity to the total station
prism tracking between 1.5 and 3500 meters
500 meter reflectorless PinPoint for measuring to wall corners, inaccessible objects, facades, rock faces, roofs and walls and inside buildings
optional TS display and keyboard
Leica Viva TPS precision angle measurement system operates continuously providing instant horizontal and vertical circle readings that are automatically corrected for any “out of level” by a centrally located twin-axis compensator. The coaxial EDM uses an infrared laser, has various measuring modes, and measures to prisms and reflective tape.The range is excellent – 3.5 km to a single prism – and the accuracy superb – 1 mm + 1.5 ppm. Resolution is 0.1 mm.
Fast, continuous, high-accuracy angle measurements
Choice of accuracy 1, 2, 3 and 5 seconds
Twin-axis compensator
EDM with standard, fast and tracking modes
Long range, fast measurements and high accuracy
Totally reliable
automatic target aiming (ATR) – for uniform measurement accuracy. Also has lock mode to allow tracking of a moving reflector


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