Leica Viva TS16 1″ R1000 Total Station




Product Specification

Model Name/Number TS16A
Usage/Application Survey
Distance Measurement 1000M NON-PRISM

Product Description

Leica Make Viva TS16 A Total Station


R1000 Plus (1″ Accuracy)   


ANGULAR MEASUREMENT: Accuracy 1 Hz and V Absolute, continuous, diametrical 1’’ (0.3 mgon).

DISTANCE MEASUREMENT: Range Single Prism (GPR1, GPH1P) 1.5m to 3500m, Non-Prism / Any Surface 1.5m to >1000m, Accuracy / Measurement Time Single (prism): 1mm + 1.5ppm / typically 2.4s &  any surface: 2mm + 2ppm / typically 3s, Laser dot size At 50m 8mm x 20mm, Measurement technology System analyser Coaxial, visible red laser.

IMAGINGOverview camera Sensor: 5 megapixel CMOS sensor, Field of view: 19.4°, Frame rate: Up to 20 frames per second (TS16 I).

AUTOMATIC AIMING – ATRplus: Target aiming range / Target locking range Circular prism (GPR1, GPH1P): 1500m/1000m & ) 360° prism (GRZ4, GRZ122) 1000m/1000m

Accuracy / Measurement timeATRplus angle accuracy Hz, V: 1’’ (0.3 mgon), 2’’ (0.6 mgon), and 3’’ (1 mgon).

POWERSEARCHRange / Search time: 360° prism (GRZ4, GRZ122) 300m / typically 5s (TS16 P & TS16 I).

GUIDE LIGHT (EGL)Working range / Accuracy: 5–150m / typically 5cm @ 100m.



Field software Leica Captivate with apps, Display and keyboard 5“ (inch), WVGA, colour, touch, face I standard / face II optional 37 keys, illumination, Processor TI OMAP4430 1GHz Dual-core ARM® Cortex™ A9 MPCore™, Power management Exchangeable Lithium-Ion battery Operating time 5–8 h, Data storageInternal memory card: 2 GB & SD card 1 GB or 8 GB, Interfaces RS232, USB, Bluetooth®, WLAN, Weight Total station including battery 5.3 – 6kg, Environmental specifications:Working temperature range: –20°C to +50°C & Dust / Water (IEC 60529) / Humidity IP55 / 95%, non-condensing.


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