Nikon NIVO 3.M 3″ Total Station




Nikon NIVO 3.M 3″ Total Station
Designed for accurate data collection, the Nikon Nivo M+ Series Reflectorless Total Station is equipped with reliable positioning tools for stakeout and layout jobs. With three options for accuracy, this field instrument features the legendary Nikon high clarity optics that produces clearer images in bright and low light conditions and reduces eye strain. With powerful and accurate EDM, the Nikon Nivo M+ delivers a long-distance reflectorless measurement ranging from 920 to 1,640 feet and approximately 16,404 feet when used with a single prism.
The Nivo M3.M 3″comes standard with a traditional optical plummet which can be upgraded to a laser plummet by choosing the option at the upper right-hand corner of the page. Store all your field data with this device‚Äôs 50,000 points of internal memory. This land surveying tool also has a tilt sensor and dual-axis compensator for perfect leveling and stable angle measurements. To reduce aiming time, this optical instrument also includes a coaxial laser pointer to assist with target identification.
The Nivo M3.M 3″ is presented with an onboard Nikon Survey software which comes complete with its COGO, survey stakeout functions, simple data management and quick field coding that enables one-button data collection of point features and raw target data. This field software has an intuitive and easy to learn user interface that enables users to conveniently collect field data. Plus, with its RS-232C serial and integrated Bluetooth capability, the Nivo M+ total station supports cable-free connection with Spectra data collectors, such as the Nomad, Ranger and T41.
Choice of accuracy and plummet
50,000-point internal memory
1,640-foot range reflectorless
Range up to 16,404 feet with a single prism
Integrated bluetooth
Optical plummet
Optional laser plummet
Coaxial red laser pointer
Reflectorless and prism measurements
Dual-axis compensation
High-quality Nikon optics
Built-in Nikon Survey software
Up to 62 hours interchangeable batteries
Water resistant and dustproof to IP-66
Dual LCD display
Full numeric keypad
Compact, rugged and lightweight
2-year manufacturer’s warranty


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