Nikon Nivo 5C 5 Second Total Station




Nikon Nivo 5C 5 Second Total Station
The Nikon Nivo 5.C Reflectorless Total Station with 5-second accuracy instantly calculates measurements onsite with its built-in field software. The legendary Nikon high clarity optics provides clearer images in bright and low light conditions to record distances and angles with utmost precision. This total station also features Bluetooth capability for connecting to data collectors and a compact and lightweight design for easy transport.
The Nivo 5.C’s powerful and accurate EDM precisely measures objects up to 1,640 feet away without the need for a prism and approximately 16,404 feet using a single prism. The red laser pointer is also very useful for outdoor aiming and stakeout assistance.
This field instrument features a detachable tribrach, tilt sensor and dual-axis compensator for stable angle measurements even on rough terrain. It also comes standard with an optical plummet which can be upgraded to a laser plummet by choosing the option on the upper right hand corner of the page.
Spectra Survey Pro Field Software
Consisting of comprehensive tools for collecting and organizing survey data, Spectra Survey Pro performs data collection, calculation, mapping, data storage and data management with ease. It also features a simple and user-friendly interface that is exceptionally easy to learn and easy to use, providing the user with complete control over survey data.
Ergonomic Design and Battery Life
The Nivo C Series is designed with a feature-packed Windows CE dual color touchscreen for easy navigation of software functions. Work all day long without interruptions up to 28 hours using batteries that can be changed while device remains on. And with an IP-66 rating, this field instrument is dustproof and protected against strong water jets.
Connect to Spectra Data Collectors
With RS-232C and USB high-speed port, this reflectorless total station supports USB memory sticks for fast file transfer to your PC. It also has integrated Bluetooth for cable-free connection with external Spectra data collectors, such as the Nomad, Recon, Ranger and T41.
This Nikon total station package comes with USB download cable, tribrach, plastic carrying case, two rechargeable batteries, universal charger, power cord, adapters and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
5-second accuracy
128 MB internal memory
1,640 foot range
Optical plummet
Coaxial red laser pointer
Dual-axis compensation
High quality Nikon optics
Onboard Survey Pro software
Built-in Windows CE operating system
USB high-speed data transfer port
Up to 28 hours operating time with hot swappable batteries
Water resistant and dustproof to IP-66
Dual color touchscreen LCD display
Easy-to-use keypad
Compact, rugged and lightweight
(1) Nikon Nivo 5C (HNA30500) 5 Second Reflectorless Total Station w/Optical Plummet
(1) USB Download Cable
(1) Tribrach
(1) Plastic carrying case
(2) Rechargeable Li-ion batteries
(1) Universal charger
(1) Power Cord and adapters
(1) User Manual


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